How to Bring Your Post-Holiday Skin Back to Life

Tis' the season to overindulge in all the treats that we spend the rest of the year trying to avoid. So if you're skin is feeling a little unhappy this holiday season, keep reading today's blog for tips on how to cheer it up and get it looking back to normal!

I love the holidays - but my skin is breaking out! 

The holidays are the perfect time to indulge alongside the people you love. But with that said, our skin isn't usually as in love with chocolates and cocktails as we are, and as a result, post-holiday breakouts are all too common. 

Now before we begin today's blog, we want to preface by making something very clear - there is absolutely nothing wrong with indulging a bit, but the inconvenient, yet unavoidable truth, is that we are what we eat, and excess sugar or alcohol consumption is usually not the best thing to keep our skin happy and healthy. 

So with that said, in today's blog we cover a few different ways to quickly and effectively get your skincare back on the right track after the holidays! These methods are cheap, simple, and so easy to do that you can go give them a try right after you're done reading! 

You are what you eat 

The simple, plain truth of the matter is that sugar, in excess, is not good for your skin. 
Inflammation is your body's natural response to irritants. A spike in blood sugar, which is all too common around the holidays, can cause inflammatory reactions on your skin. 
Sugar causes a variety of inflammation-linked skin conditions, the most common being acne and wrinkles. 
Sugar can also cause the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin, two structural proteins which are responsible for keeping skin youthful and firm.
The first step to recovering your post-Christmas skin starts with your plate. Try to get them looking a bit more rainbow-like as we exit the holiday season, and your skin will absolutely thank you for it. 

Antioxidants are Your Best Friend

As we've already noted, if your skin is feeling especially inflamed or puffy, then the all-too-likely culprit is excess sugar. And let's be honest, it's pretty hard, if not impossible, to avoid - we're not here to judge!  
One thing to look out for to soothe inflamed skin is antioxidants. There are many different forms of antioxidants, from Vitamin C, to aloe vera, but whichever product you use, the anti-inflammatory properties of most antioxidants will help reduce a lot of the puffiness and inflammation that comes from the excess consumption of sugar and alcohol. 

Hello Hydrating Masks! 

Staying up until 1 in the morning, sugary cocktails, and cold weather are some of the best ways to dehydrate the skin.  
Upping your post-Christmas hydration is essential. One easy (and relaxing) way to achieve this is by using hydrating sheet masks. 
You can find these at your local pharmacy. They help replenish the skin as they're soaked in serums and hydrating ingredients that your skin soaks, and traps in moisture. 
A great hydrating mask ingredient we recommend is a collagen-boosting mask. This is because as previously stated, sugar causes the breakdown of collagen, so a collagen-boosting mask is a great way to directly counteract this! 

In conclusion... 

When it comes to the holidays, excess sugar and alcohol consumption is almost unavoidable. This can lead to things like inflammation and puffiness!
With that said, there are three easy things you can do right after the holidays to get your skincare back on track! 
1) Rein in on excess sugar and get your plates looking more colorful
2) Start using antioxidants like Vitamin C or aloe vera
3) Get a hydrating mask with key ingredients like Collagen 

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