Top 3 Benefits of Adding Microcurrent to Your Skincare Routine

For getting professional-level facial results at home, one of the best gadgets available to skincare enthusiasts is microcurrent. Read on below to see the top 3 benefits of adding microcurrent to your skincare routine. 

Professional Results In The Palm of Your Hand

The last few years have been amazing for at-home skincare. Why? Because there are more and more devices that are bringing professional technologies that were previously only available at spas and clinics to the vanity drawers of millions of women worldwide. 

Among these powerful at-home devices is without a doubt one of the most-effective technologies available to skincare enthusiasts: microcurrent.

If you have yet to add some microcurrent magic to your skincare routine, you might be missing out. Read below to discover the top benefits of microcurrent that aestheticians and dermatologists are raving over.

A Quick Recap: What is Microcurrent?

Essentially, microcurrent is a non-invasive facial toning technology. It's typically found at spas and medical offices, but thanks to recent technological innovations, has become readily available in the form of at-home microcurrent devices. 

At-home microcurrent devices work just the same as the ones you'll find at professional clinics: utilizing a low-level electrical current to stimulate facial muscles, increase collagen and elastin production, and promote lymphatic drainage. 

The low-level currents produced by a Microcurrent device mimic the body's own natural currents. It increases ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in the skin cells by up to 400%, increasing the amount of energy our skin cells get. This is vital for key functions like muscle contraction and collagen production. 

Microcurrent facials and devices utilize low-level currents which mimic your body's natural ionic flow to tone, lift, and contour facial muscles. This results in improved contour and tightened and lifted skin. 

Still not convinced? Read on for a few more of the specific benefits that dermatologists and aestheticians can't stop raving about. 

Benefit #1 - Microcurrent is a workout for your face (literally). 

It sounds silly, we know, but it's true! 

As we age, our skin and facial muscles become more susceptible to a loss of tightness and tone. The skin undergoes a natural breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers, and as we age, our ability to reproduce collagen and elastin also goes away. This is where microcurrent comes in. 

Microcurrent re-educates the facial muscles with the low-level currents it emits, penetrating deep beneath the skin's surface. As the currents make contact with the facial muscles, the facial muscles become re-educated and begin to contract and maintain their shape. This creates a more lifted and sculpted appearance. 

What's even better is that unlike going to the gym, microcurrent is completely painless. So you won't feel any aches and soreness like you would from a typical workout. 

Benefit #2 - Microcurrent has incredible youth-boosting benefits.

Besides just lifting and tightening the skin, microcurrent is also great for reducing other signs of aging skin, such as fine lines, wrinkles, necklines, and crow's feet. 

Microcurrent encourages blood flow to the skin and increases ATP production in skin cells by up to 400%! The result is that the low-level current promotes a more youthful skin performance—including increased collagen and elastin production, and a higher, healthy cell turnover—to create a more supple and firm complexion. 

Collagen is what gives the skin its firmness and smooth appearance, while elastin is what keeps the skin flexible, giving it that supple and warm glow. Microcurrent helps to promote the synthesis and production of these structural proteins, leading to better skin regeneration and rejuvenation! 

Benefit #3 - Microcurrent delivers instant AND long-term results. 

One of the most amazing things about microcurrent is that it works instantly to improve your skin. And we're not exaggerating. 

After just one session, you may notice a handful of things about your skin. This includes a brighter complexion, tighter skin, and improved facial contour. The reason this happens so quickly is thanks to the increased ATP that your skin is experiencing from the microcurrent. 

However, the real magic behind microcurrent happens when you use your device consistently over time. Over time, your facial muscles develop muscle memory, meaning they will maintain the hold and lift from the microcurrent for longer periods of time. 

One of the most common reasons people don't see results over time with their microcurrent device is that they don't use it consistently.

For the best results, you want to use your device a minimum of 5x per week, for the first 8-12 weeks. Then, you can stick to just 3-5 times per week. 

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