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Meet The Korean Skincare Innovation Disrupting A $5.75 Billion Botox Market 

Thursday, January 12, 2023 | Written by Georgina Camacho 

Unlocking The Secret To Turning Back The Clock On Aging Skin

We all want it. The secret to turning back the clock on aging skin…having a young, sexy, line-free face and a velvety-smooth, rose-petal complexion. 

Until today, these wishes were nearly impossible unless you were 30 or younger because the quest for supple, beautiful, firm, wrinkle-free skin was hindered by yesterday’s theories and technologies. 

And in today’s world aging skin has become even more difficult to deal with. We’re bombarded on social media with glamorous girls and amateur models showing off their youthful glow. We look at their skin in awe. Sometimes even envy. 

We buy cream after cream with “anti-aging ingredients” in hopes of toning up that jawline or tightening up that neckline, but it never works. 

What Options Do We Have To Get Our Youthful Glow Back?

Botox and facelifts have always been an option. But not only are they expensive they are also potentially dangerous. 

We all know this and we ask ourselves, “Do I want softer, younger, smoother skin badly enough to do this? Is it really worth the risk?” 

This leaves millions of us women at a complete dead-end. Topical creams and serums don’t do the trick. 

And botox and facelifts are expensive, potentially dangerous options. 

We’re left to sit in agony as we watch our face age before our very eyes. Our skin begins to lose its luster, to thin and sag—to show unattractive lines and creases and droopiness.

Or at least that was the case until a few months ago…

Fixing Sagging Skin By Getting To The Root Cause - The Muscles

Did you know that there are 43 facial muscles and 26 muscles in our neck that naturally lose their tone and firmness through aging? Usually around our mid-40s is when things like loss of collagen and elastin occur. Skin that was smooth and tight becomes loose and sagging.

This is why most anti-aging creams are not effective for sagging facial skin. They can't get to the root cause of sagging skin which is the loss of strength and structure in our facial muscles. But thanks to recent innovations in the skincare world, there’s a new at-home fix for this that’s inexpensive AND non-invasive. 

Recent innovations in the Korean skincare market have popularized a new piece of technology called microcurrent therapy

Microcurrent Therapy: The "Non-Invasive Face Lift" 

Microcurrent therapy aims to get to the root cause of sagging skin by going where traditional skincare can’t: the muscles. 

It uses low-grade electrical currents to go beyond the surface of the skin down to the facial muscles. When these currents make contact with the facial muscles, they contract and strengthen. 

Think of it like a gym but for your face. No seriously! When we repeatedly stimulate our muscles, they strengthen. When we do this to our facial and neck muscles with microcurrent, the muscles strengthen, causing the skin on the surface to become firmer, tighter, and more toned.

One skincare company decided to leverage this breakthrough technology in a device that would target sagging skin on the jawline to reduce the appearance of jowls and sagging skin and give us a tighter, more toned, younger-looking jawline. That’s where the Jowls Buddy comes in. 

Jowls Buddy: Advanced At-Home Microcurrent Device For A Tighter, More Toned & Younger Looking Jawline

The Jowls Buddy is a microcurrent therapy device that is unbelievably simple and easy to use. 

It sits on your jawline using microcurrent to target loose, sagging facial muscles and give them a workout! 

It comes with a strap that goes around the head. It takes seconds to put on and start experiencing the skin-tightening effects of the microcurrent. 

Once you turn it on the treatment lasts for 5 minutes and voila! The Jowls Buddy will shut off automatically and you can take it off. 

You’ll immediately notice the increased facial tightness on your jawline. It will feel tighter, more toned, firmer, and younger. 

However, it’s important to remember that these results are not permanent… 

In order to see long-term cumulative results, one should aim to use the Jowls Buddy at least 5 minutes a day, and 3 times per week. 

It's Sold Over 10,000 Units So Far And Counting...
Here’s a list of reasons of why the Jowls Buddy has sold over 10,000 units so far:
  • It uses microcurrent - it tones the facial muscles by hitting them with low-grade electrical currents. 
  • It re-trains the facial muscles - think of it like a workout for your face! It re-energizes facial muscles to improve muscle tone. 
  • It reduces facial puffiness - the microcurrent increases blood circulation for more defined contouring 
  • It gives immediate results with a cumulative effect - microcurrent is called the "5-minute face lift" for a reason. Because of the immediate results experience right after a treatment! And you can expect long-lasting improvements with regular treatments. 
  • It's relatively painless - the microcurrent feels like a tingling, painless sensation on your skin. A far cry from something like Botox! 


"Does it look silly on my face? Yeah... but SO WHAT. I love the results I've seen from this. yes, for me i like the strongest setting, but i had my mom try it and it felt too strong. also, i noticed more improvement when using it for about 10-15 minutes. if you're not into facials and med spas and just want to be able to treat jowls while watching netflix, BUY this!" 

- Kelsey

"I've been using it for a few weeks and I love the results already! I can see why this went viral. I'm much happier treating at home than going to the med spa (which are fairly expensive in my area). happy with my purchase and would recommend to anyone!" 

- Deborah

Sounds Great, But How Much Does It Cost?
You should know that microcurrent facials are readily available at your local Med Spa, and if you're willing to spend on professional procedures (which can go from $250 all the way up to $3000), then you can skip on the Jowls Buddy. 

But those procedures have to be redone every few months, becoming a costly burden very quickly. 

If you're not in the market and want an in-expensive, non-invasive at-home solution instead, the Jowls Buddy retails for just $79.99, less than the cost of a single Med Spa facial and a fraction of a Botox appointment. It truly is a no brainer! 

Escape the rat race of anti-aging creams and steer clear of invasive, expensive procedures by ordering the Jowls Buddy by Nutriskin today. They’re running a special where first-time customers get 10% off!

PLEASE NOTE: At the time of writing I cannot guarantee if the Jowls Buddy is still in stock. It has been selling fast and has already started going viral on the internet. If it's still in stock, here's a link to where you can get yours.

Here's a link to where you can order the Jowls Buddy. I believe they're still in stock! If you're a first time customer you get 10% off and free shipping!

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