Microcurrent Therapy

What is Microcurrent?

Microcurrent therapy uses a low level current that is very close to the current that our bodies produce. When microcurrent is used it restores the natural current flow to the tissue and as a result cells are allowed to recover their own natural energy flow.

The current used is low enough that it is below the sensation threshold, which causes the person being treated to not feel anything at all. 

Microcurrent has been shown to: 

Significantly improve facial wrinkles

Microcurrent has been shown to improve facial wrinkles. A before and after clinical trial was conducted with thirty women. Each participant was treated with microcurrent for twenty minutes on their face areas for thirty consecutive sessions. 

Photos were taken from patients' faces at the beginning, end and one month after treatment. Three independent reviewers then rated the wrinkles in the photos. 

The study concluded with patient satisfaction over 70% while demonstrating that microcurrent does improve facial wrinkles with the best results belonging to the forehead and the lowest rate improvement was in the nose and mouth region.


Before Treatment                       One Month Later

Heal the skin and improve blood flow:

Studies have been done to show that wireless microcurrent stimulation improved blood flow and subsequently healing as well, particularly in burn wounds. According to a study done by the National Library of Medicine titled Wireless Microcurrent Stimulation Improved Blood Flow in Burn Wounds:

This study revealed, for the first time that non-contact WMCS improves blood flow in critically perfused partial thickness burn wounds without disturbing the wound or systemically affecting the patient and may represent a promising adjunct tool in burn treatment, with the potential of faster healing by enhanced perfusion of burn wounds and reduction of the zone of stasis.



Improve muscle function and muscle recovery:

Microcurrent is used as a muscle function and muscle recovery tool. A clinical trial was conducted with ten healthy subjects in which they were instructed to do a cycling exercise after which they were treated with microcurrent to the right quadricep to see if microcurrent could improve muscle function and muscle recovery.

The study concluded that microcurrent applied before exercise produced an increase in oxygen, while microcurrent after exercise improved recovery.

Microcurrent Devices

Microcurrent devices were once exclusively available only at the top spas or medical offices and were extremely expensive. At-home versions of these devices are not only a foundation to the anti-aging industry but thanks to advancements in technology have become widely available and popular because they allow people to conveniently benefit from the short and long term benefits of microcurrent therapy.